Crowdfunding campaign launched for SolarCraft, the ultra thin and light solar charger.


Who imagines it is a solar panel? SolarCraft looks like just a bifold craft paper. Nonetheless, it achieves top-of-the-line power efficiency with such durability that it won't break down even if a car stamps on it. It is also heat-resistant and waterproof. The secret behind the quality is the special fluororesin coating applied to the entire panel. Thanks to its thinness and toughness, SolarCraft works with almost all kinds of outdoor activities. It fully charges iPhone 7 in about two and half hours on bright days. The campaign reached the funding goal on the launch day!


Shine your shoes and save your time. Electric Shoe Polisher released.


Have you found your shoes have some dirt just before making the rounds to sell products? You have too little time to clean the shoes. If you don’t want to go out with dirty shoes, let's install Electric Shoe Polisher to your office.
While standing up, just softly push your shoe against either of the buffs and press the switch at hand, and then the buffs rotate themselves and polish your shoe. This machine will dramatically save you time and trouble. Electric Shoe Polisher shines your shoes instantly and professionally without the hassle of bending over.


Crowdfunding campaign launched for CGEAR Sand-Free Technology + SUNA-TEX tote bags and beach chair.


Have you experienced getting sand all over you and in your bag after bathing on the beach? It is tedious to clean up sand off your belongings, isn’t it? SUNA-TEX is the solution to troublesome sand. This special double layer material, originally developed for military use, passes sand and dirt only from the top to the bottom, but not vice versa. With SUNA-TEX, you can enjoy your vacation in sand-free comfort.


The Ultimate Ab Trainer Ninja Warriors Love: KnockOut Abs is Now Available!


Have you ever heard of “SASUKE”, a popular sports entertainment show in Japan? "American Ninja Warrior" on NBC is spin off of SASUKE and as you see, powerful and strong challengers try to conquer a series of tough courses to become an ultimate ninja warrior. As a matter of fact, many Sasuke contestants are using Knockout abs to build strong abdominal and oblique muscles, which are vital to complete those extremely difficult obstacle courses. KnockOut abs is the best workout tool you have never had before. It helps you to rip and tone your midsection at home without fail.

Lots of people love KnockOut Abs, including many SASUKE competitors as well as dieters, quitters, exercise haters and more, because it is an effective yet super fun way to get great abs you have always wanted.


Let children learn how to make electronic circuits while they play! "Electronic Circuits Illumina" released.


The luminous edition of our long seller Electronic Circuits series is now available! Electronic Circuits Illumina comes with over 55 pieces of parts to create 182 different electronic projects. Your children will learn the basics of electronics easily and safely. When they successfully build circuits in some of the projects, they can enjoy seeing the optic fiber tree flash, lifting off the glow fan and listening to music from their own mp3 player while an LED changes its color as if dancing to the music. It is a great Christmas gift for future scientists.


Relaxing nature sounds help you sleep deeply and calmly at night. "Sleep inducer" released.


Have you been bothered with sleeplessness or poor quality of sleep? "Sleep inducer" solves these problems. This sleep machine generates very high frequency sounds which cannot be heard by human ears though reacted by the brain, reproduces fluctuations in nature sounds and produces sounds with "sleep inducing frequencies" which is optimal for your sleep, relaxing you both physically and mentally. With 48 different kinds of sounds and the special speaker, you will feel as if you were in nature. Tens of thousands of people in the U.S use this amazing sleep machine.


Let kids learn programming with robots. Dash's new friend "Dot" released.


Dot is an educational robot and new friend of Dash, also a robot which helps your kids get to know programming and robotics. Your kids can learn the basics of these fundamental skills in the 21st century controlling these robots to move, dance, talk, light and interact with each other on your smartphone or tablet. The more your kids play with the robots, the more experienced they will be in coding and robotics. They have already been adopted by more than two thousand schools all over the world. Dash and Dot will spark creativity and imagination in your kids.


Goodbye for your spiritless feelings. "L-tyrosine EX made in Japan" released.


When you have run out of motivation, that can be due to low dopamine levels in your brain. You can boost them by taking a side effect-free supplement, L-tyrosine EX made in Japan. Tyrosine is a precursor of dopamine, an organic chemical which has noted influence on your positive emotions such as happiness and pleasure. When you are stressed out, the amount of dopamine in your brain decreases and then fatigue and lack of motivation hit you. Tyrosine promotes secretion of dopamine and hence your positive attitudes. L-tyrosine EX, which is made in Japan, will beef you up without any side effects.


Let’s take movie-like videos with your smartphone. "Video Stabilizer Stick" released.


Video Stabilizer Stick is a camera stabilizer for ALL smartphones and compact cameras such as the GoPro. Without the need of difficult adjustment, you can make smooth and stable videos with ease. Simply put your smartphone or your compact camera on top of the stick and control it with your hand gripping the gimbal at the center of the stick. It can be stretched and lets you take videos from as high as one meter above your head or as low as the ground level. From your ideal angle, you can capture the scenery on your mountain walking or the motion of your pets or small children. It is collapsible and therefore compact for storage and easy for carrying. It is also waterproof, and can be used in rainy condition or even under water with a waterproof phone or camera.


Enjoy the beach without worrying about theft. "BeachSafe" released.


Have you ever been bothered to secure your valuables on the beach or by the pool? BeachSafe is a stealth safe looking like a regular bottle of suntan lotion. It has enough space to store cash, credit cards, keys and most smartphones. No one would ever imagine that valuables are kept in a suntan lotion. With your valuables in BeachSafe, you can enjoy the beach with no worry about theft. It is watertight and also protects them from humidity.