About Us

"Zipang Trading" is our international trading name, and "Dream Team Inc." is our company name.

About Localization

It depends on the product. However, in most cases, we use the original packaging and put Japanese product stickers on the package.

We will bear any cost required for localization of a manual including translation and printing costs. This is because localization of a manual is our important responsibility to further increase the value of products and make them more acceptable in the Japanese market.

Below are major certifications and inspection requirements for selling products in Japan.

Giteki Certification

Under the Radio Law in Japan, products using bluetooth require Giteki certification, also called as Technical Regulations Conformity Certification. In order to obtain Giteki mark, the product must get inspected in a registered certification bodies in Japan or some other countries.
FAQ on Giteki mark
Registered Certification Bodies

・PSE Certification

Under the Electrical Appliances and Materials Safety Act in Japan, electrical products which are subject to PSE regulation require PSE Certification. In order to obtain PSE mark, the product must get inspected in a registered inspection agency in Japan or some other countries. Whether the product is subject to the regulation depends on the product type and its specification.
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Registered inspection agencies
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・Food Inspection

Under the Food Sanitation Act in Japan, importing foods, products which come into direct contact with food, or toys for children aged 6 and below must get inspected in a registered food inspection agency in Japan.
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About Distribution

We have three kinds of sales channels as below.
We sell our products through major Japanese EC malls such as Amazon, Rakuten, Yahoo!, Wowma! and etc. as well as, our own website.
We have a number of corporate customers including administrative organizations.
We sell wholesale to a number of major retail stores including Isetan, Takashimaya, Unidy, Tokyu Hands, Daimaru, and more.

About Crowdfunding

While the original crowdfunding element is for the purpose of raising funds for product development and launch, major element of Japanese crowdfunding is as an EC site where customers can find and buy the newest products at a discounted price.

Of course, there are projects that have the original crowdfunding element, but the ratio of projects that have already been decided to be launched or that of already exist as products in other countries and is expected, compared to the crowdfunding in overseas, exist a lot.

That is because our culture and its customers are unique, of course in good and bad ways, but our culture in service industries, require a high level of trust and expectation on both parties.

Characteristics of the Japanese Consumers:

・ Even interested in new and interesting products, overseas crowdfunding is far too challenging, making it unaffordable in taking the risk.
・ With trust and expectation being their standard in service, makes it unable to consume such product with uncertainty.

So, in order to meet this expectation, the crowdfunding sites here are very unique and well adjusted, making it a special platform for the Japanese consumers who are looking for the new and interesting, moreover the market is expanding and is becoming an important platform in the Japanese market.

We use the Japanese crowdfunding for marketing purposes for the following reasons:

・ Enables the new product to be found and known by potential customers as there are already plenty of consumers and fans of this platform looking for the new and interesting.

・ Allows obtaining and analyzing customer data before the official release and can prepare for sales after the campaign.

・ Successful project results can be used for PR purpose proving that there is a huge demand for the new project and it can attract more customers in the market.

・ Allows us in creating a good community with the consumers to be able to communicate and build a good relationship. Their feedback can be used for improvement of the product and customer service.

With the results, we are able to find the value of your product among our culture and make it even more acceptable in the Japanese market, ready for an official launch.

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