Privacy Policy

1. Definition of Personal Information

The term “personal information” means information about a living individual which can identify the specific individual by name, date of birth or other description contained in such information, including such information as will allow easy reference to other information and will thereby enable the identification of the specific individual.

2. Collection of Personal Information

We may collect personal information from you when you make an inquiry. We will make clear the purpose of collection and collect such information only by lawful and fair means.

The information we collect may include:

  • Your name (and its reading)
  • Your address
  • Your telephone number
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your transaction history with our site and the details of it
  • The information as will allow easy reference to identify a specific individual under combination of above information.

3. How We Use Your Personal Information

We will collect and use personal information for the following purposes:

  • To confirm and make a reference to your order for brochure
  • To confirm and make a reference when sending the requested brochure
  • To response to your inquiries.

This site will not disclose or provide personal information to third parties without prior notice, except for the following cases:
life, health or property yet it is difficult to obtain the consent of the individual.

4. Safety Management of Personal Information

Reasonable, systematic, physical, human and technical measures will be taken by a security service providing company to safeguard the information collected by this site, and we endeavor to protect users’ personal data and information from unauthorized intrusions, losses, falsifications or leakages and other accidents, taking appropriate measures in accordance with the related laws.

5. Revision or Deletion of Personal Information

Please contact us at below address to request for revision or deletion of personal information.

6. Our Use of Cookies

We may use cookies in our site in order to provide better service to our customers.
They are neither able to identify you personally, nor used to intrude on your privacy.
You can also change your browser settings if you do not wish to accept cookies.
* A cookie is a piece of information that is sent to your browser from a server computer and stored on your computer’s hard disk drive.

7. Our Contact:

Dream Team Inc.
43-3-2F Tana-cho, Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture, JAPAN
*Prefecture code: 227-0064
Tel.: 81-45-988-5123 (Pilot number)
Fax: 81-45-988-5304