What We Do

The most important thing about distribution to us is the value of the product we distribute. 

We understand, maximize, and deliver the value to the Japanese customers on behalf of you. 

Stage 1

Get to Know the Product

We will first request you a sample to test and see how it works. 

If we see the possibility, we will further ask you for everything there is to tell about your product in order to firmly understand the product and it’s value.

Stage 2

Localize the Product

We will localize the product to further increase the value of the product and make the product more acceptable, in the way the Japanese customers will seek:

・Full Translation of the Instruction Manuals

・Re-Naming into Japanese in Agreement with the Manufacturer 

・Creating PR Materials for the Product

・Building the Product Website

Stage 3

Expose the Product

We will expose the product to convey the value of the product to as many as possible.

・Media Exposure

Press release is made for each and every product, providing attractive and valuable information, so that it will be noticed by the media and is featured by the media throughout Japan.
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We often choose the Japanese crowdfunding sites, unique in our culturally fit way, as a place to first expose the product to our market, as the Japanese crowdfunding market is expanding and is becoming the most notable market for those who are in search for new and interesting products within Japan.
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For more info on the Japanese crowdfunding, go to Q&A.

Stage 4

Deliver the Product

For distribution best suitable for the product and its values, we have platforms to deliver the product through multi marketing channels.

・General customers

We sell the product to general customers through major Japanese EC malls such as Amazon, Rakuten, Yahoo!, Wowma! and etc. as well as, last but not least, our own website.

・Corporate customers

We sell the product to a number of corporate customers as well as administrative organizations.


We sell the product to a number of major retail stores such as Isetan, Takashimaya, Unidy, Tokyu Hands, Daimaru, and more.

Stage 5

Customer Service

We will provide best customer service to not only maintain but also to increase its product value.

・Customer Service

All staffs understand all products we distribute and have built a system where we are able to respond to all customer satisfaction.

・Customer Interviews

By hearing the voices of our customers, we will sometimes ask for Manufacturer’s cooperation to make measures to make the products even better and more accepted to our market.

・Customer Community

We have been building strong relationship with our customers through our customer community space, where the fans of our products could gather and share their information for them to be able to always be up to date.

If you care for and value your product, 
which will grow to be loved many years to come… 

We would be THE ONE for you