A long-awaited new edition runs into the popular series. "Electronic Circuits Buggy" Released.


A must-have Christmas gift every kid wants! A long-awaited new series is finally launched on Electronic Circuits of which cumulative sales have topped over 10 million units worldwide! In the next Electronic Circuits, you can assemble the remote control part of the radio controlled car!
The fifth edition finally comes out in the Electronic Circuits series which can do a lot of electronic experiments simply by snapping special parts! The latest series Buggy lets kids assemble the electronic circuit of the control part of the radio controlled car on their own and make it run freely using a remote control! Children will definitely be excited about feeling of achievement more than ever! It is a perfect STEM toy that lets kids learn the mechanism of electricity while playing.


Crowdfunding campaign launched for Meural, a digital canvas that allows you to enjoy famous paintings as much as you like.


"I wish I decorated a lot of masterpieces at home!" Meural makes the dreams of art lovers possible. You can decorate artworks at home as much as you like without being a billionaire living in a mansion! Easy to operate with a smartphone or tablet, Meural shows more than 30,000 paintings in the electronic canvas one after another automatically. You can enjoy as much of the world's famous paintings as you want with a good value of the price.
We started a crowdfunding campaign and it was funded within the first day!


Crowdfunding campaign launched for QuickShoeLace, a fashionable shoelace that can be tied with just one hand.


QuickShoeLace is reinvention of shoelaces, which allows you to put on shoelaces in a moment just by hooking it on a pin with one hand. Not only is it convenient, it also has a presence as a unique fashion item!
Are you still tying a shoe lace? With QuickShoeLace, there is no need to tie one by one, You can easily put on shoes by simply hooking it on the pin with one hand! For children whose shoelaces often come undone and the elderly who struggle to tie, or when the back is hurting or when one hand can’t be used freely – these shoelaces can be fastened quickly for anyone anytime! It also combines high design that you can enjoy fashionably.
We started a crowdfunding campaign and it was funded within just one hour!


No Need to Change Water! The Aquarium with Least Maintenance, ShareQube is Now Available to Everyone.


"I want to keep fish, but the exchange of water is troublesome ..." Many people give up fish breeding for such reasons. Why not you enjoy the comfort of unnecessary water change with ShareQube? It is a sharing tank that you can enjoy fish breeding and plant cultivation at the same time. With the circulation system of nature, there is no need to troublesome water change. Not only can you enjoy breeding fish, you can also harvest fresh herbs and vegetables you raised! It is a time-saving aquarium that can manage easily even in a two-income family.


Home-delivery Box is Now Available at a Reasonable Price. Rusuneko Box released.


You may have experienced that you couldn’t receive deliveries at your absence. If you are frequently out of your house, you may find it difficult to receive them. You can use a home-delivery box. However you don’t want to use awkward-looking one nor full-fledged super expensive one. Then Rusuneko Box comes to your rescue. Its simple yet stylish look goes well with all types of entrances. Deliverers just need to open the box on the top and drop packages into it. You can not only save your time but also reduce deliverer' burdens.
The authentic home-delivery box is finally available at a reasonable price.


Science Toy with State of Art AR Technology. Smaphorium Released.


These days, children are always playing with their smartphones. No wonder their parents are worried about their mental development. If they use their smartphones anyway, why not have them play in a fun, creative and educative way. Sketch Aquarium Smaphorium offers a solution.
Just mount a smartphone on the aquarium with the app installed, and 3D aquarium suddenly appears in your room. Color a special fish card and hold it over the camera of the phone, and then a colorful fish vividly begin swimming in the aquarium. You can also feed the fish. Plus, the app includes quiz games in which children can learn Math and English.


The Ultra-Thin and Ultra-Light Solar Charger is Now Available to Everyone.


Who imagines it is a solar panel? SolarCraft looks like just a two folded craft paper. Nonetheless, it achieves top-of-the-line power efficiency with such durability that it won't break down even if a car stamps on it. It is also heat-resistant and waterproof. The secret behind the quality is the special fluororesin coating applied to the entire panel. Thanks to its thinness and toughness, SolarCraft works with almost all kinds of outdoor activities. It fully charges iPhone 8 in about two and half hours on bright days.
The ultra-thin and light solar charger is now available to everyone.


Say Goodbye to Sand. SUNA-TEX Beach Chair and Tote Bags are Now Available!


Have you experienced getting sand all over you and in your bag after bathing on the beach? It is tedious to clean up sand off your belongings, isn’t it? SUNA-TEX is the solution to troublesome sand. This special double layer material, originally developed for military use, passes sand and dirt only from the top to the bottom, but not vice versa. With SUNA-TEX, you can enjoy your vacation in sand-free comfort.
SUNA-TEX beach chair and tote bags are now available to everyone!


The science toy lets you explore the world of the microscope expanding the possibilities of smartphones. iMicroscope released.


Children are getting to use their smartphone for longer and longer hours. Some spend excessive amount of time on watching games, SNS and videos, which causes them to get blurred vision at a young age. iMicroscope revolutionalizes thier smartphones. Just pinch your phone with a smaller-than-an-eraser clip. The smartphone app enables you to observe the world of the microscope with its 400x enlarged image. You can also take photos and share them on social media. This device will make your familiar smartphone a science toy to nurture your children’s natural curiosity.


Crowdfunding campaign launched for ShareQube, the aquarium with no need to change water.


Are you sick and tired of your children always fiddling with their smartphones? With our living environment more and more artificialized, there are fewer and fewer opportunities for them to learn about how nature works.
ShareQube is an aquaponics aquarium and science toy