Title: Sand disappears like a magic --“Sand Removing Sandals” gives you a comfort on the beach. Patented special designed soles enable sand to pass through and never built up under the foot.


Are you tired of those sticky beach sand clinging to your feet while walking on the beach? Leave all the troubles behind with “Sand Removing Sandals”!
Its patented outsole design with holes enables sand, water and air to pass through and never stays on the sole.
You can never go back to regular sandals once you experience the sand free magic.


“Tough Braeon” seems like a plastic ribbon, but when it gets heated up, it deforms freely to a desired shape.


“Tough Braeon” looks like a white plastic tape. But in fact, it is a new material which hybridized thermoplastic polymer and high-strength fiber by our proprietary manufacturing method. You can deform it freely by immersing it in hot water for 10 seconds. It has the same strength as steel when it cools down. Making a peg for a tent or repairing a frame of broken glass.. there are numerous ways to use Braeon. It’s truly a life saver.


Just hanging on a door at home, anyone can do pull-ups with “Handy Muscle Builder” with assist tubes


Although pull-ups can efficiently train the dorsalis muscle, the deltoid muscle and upper arms, many people have difficulty performing them.
Included assist tubes helps those who need assistance during pull ups by offsetting plenty of body weight. Since the resistance can be adjusted, you can gradually work your way up to doing more unassisted pull ups and chin ups.


Your house turns into the Louvre museum! With the electronic canvas “Meural” you can enjoy more than 30,000 famous paintings at home.


“Meural” makes your dreams come true for those who love arts. Even if you are not a billionaire, you can enjoy those masterpieces at home. With a smartphone or tablet, more than 30,000 paintings by famous artists will be displayed automatically on the electronic canvas!


Experiment with 159 kinds of 3D projects with “Electronic Circuits 3D”. It is dedicated to nurture your science brain that is essential in this AI era. Take the first step to your scientific journey!


“Electronic Circuits” series is not complicated at all. Simply by snapping buttons, you can build a lot of projects in electronics. The 6th release【3D】makes it possible to build projects in three-dimensions, so you can create electronic circuits horizontally, vertically and upside-down


The patented revolutionary shoe string [Quick Shoelace] allows you to tie and untie shoelaces in a second.


Your struggle to tie shoelaces is over now! ”Quick Shoelace” can be fastened with only one hand! It can instantly eliminate troubles such as “shoelaces getting untied” or “struggling to tie shoelaces”.
Even when your back hurts or when one hand is occupied, you can tie your shoelaces in a blink of an eye if you have this!
It is an ultimate shoelace that has great design, has many color variations and is also convenient.


It's Time to Get a Decent Home-delivery Box at a Reasonable Price. Rusuneko Box released.


Rusuneko box is a metal stationary delivery box with fine design that fits comfortably in front of any entrance! It prides on far-reaching availability than ever before rescuing the delivering industry that is being afflicted with re-delivery problems.
No matter how convenient delivery boxes are, re-delivery problems won't be solved unless they become widespread in the society. Though there are some cheap ones, very few want to use them as they are shoddy and impractical, and even fewer can use high-quality but overpriced ones which won't become commonplace anyway. So here comes Rusuneko Box! Its tough metal-made body with no need to assemble has stylish appearance that can be placed at any entrance. Besides, it is convenient enough to store large and heavy luggage with such a low price! There are good reasons to become popular!


Everyone is a creator with the 3D printer! "The Micro+" Released.


The Micro+ is a super compact 3D printer with each side of 18 cm and its weight less than 1 kg. You can make your ideas immediately while staying at home and even build your own business with the printer!
In recent years, 3D printers are drawing much attention as utopian devices that create various art works in households, not just for business use any more. The Micro+ is a consumer 3D printer sophisticated in design that fits in with the living room. You can make anything including cookie molds and toys, and even sell original accessories you create at online auctions to make money! Even for the novice, it is safe and easy to start with automatic setup function!


A long-awaited new edition runs into the popular series. "Electronic Circuits Buggy" Released.


A must-have Christmas gift every kid wants! A long-awaited new series is finally launched on Electronic Circuits of which cumulative sales have topped over 10 million units worldwide! In the next Electronic Circuits, you can assemble the remote control part of the radio controlled car!
The fifth edition finally comes out in the Electronic Circuits series which can do a lot of electronic experiments simply by snapping special parts! The latest series Buggy lets kids assemble the electronic circuit of the control part of the radio controlled car on their own and make it run freely using a remote control! Children will definitely be excited about feeling of achievement more than ever! It is a perfect STEM toy that lets kids learn the mechanism of electricity while playing.


Crowdfunding campaign launched for Meural, a digital canvas that allows you to enjoy famous paintings as much as you like.


"I wish I decorated a lot of masterpieces at home!" Meural makes the dreams of art lovers possible. You can decorate artworks at home as much as you like without being a billionaire living in a mansion! Easy to operate with a smartphone or tablet, Meural shows more than 30,000 paintings in the electronic canvas one after another automatically. You can enjoy as much of the world's famous paintings as you want with a good value of the price.
We started a crowdfunding campaign and it was funded within the first day!