“Good Day Light” stimulates the production of sleep hormone and adjusts sleep rhythm.


In Japan, one out of five suffers from insomnia. It is caused by “melatonin” not being normally secreted. If you are having an irregular life and not getting enough sunlight, melatonin is not secreted properly.


7th Tokyo Shoes Expo Autumn


We ran a booth at 7th Tokyo Shoes Expo Autumn to promote our “Sand Free” products, “Quick Shoelace” and “Electric Shoe Polisher”. We were very excited about the large number of visitors to our booth!


Exhibition sale of “Meural” at Robotics Studio in Takashimaya department store in Osaka


In October 2018, we had an exhibition sale of “Meural” at Robotics Studio in Takashimaya department store in Osaka.


“Tough Braeon” displayed at Producer’s Studio in Tokyu Hands in Shibuya, Tokyo


In September 2018, world’s strongest thermoplastic tape ribbon “Tough Braeon” was displayed at Producer’s Studio in Tokyu Hands in Shibuya, Tokyo.


Our new Electric Circuit Green is now released.


We are happy to announce that we are releasing our 7th new Electric Circuit “Green “on 11th Sep. Just by snapping parts together, you can learn and experience environmentally friendly energy,
such as geothermal, hydrogen fuel cells, wind, solar, tidal, hydro, and others.


Patented multi-directional rotation technology for complete body workout. ”The ultimate core training roller” released.


With its patent pending smooth multi-directional rolling movement, “The ultimate core training roller” provides tough core, upper and lower body workouts.
You will be using your own weight as resistance and it is perfect for whole-body work out & core training. There are hundreds of moves and move variations for everybody whether you are exercise beginner or athlete. It will be your lifetime partner.


Exhibition sale of “Meural” at TSUTAYA Roppongi


We had an exhibition sale of “Meural” at TSUTAYA Roppongi in Tokyo from 2018/8/2 to 2018/8/27.


You can enjoy campfire in 10 seconds! "Portable campfire" can be lit and turned off in a moment.


"Camfire" is one of the summertime traditions. But when you think about doing it, preparation and cleaning up are quite tiring ... "Portable campfire" can take your worries away. Simply by lighting the soy wax in a can, you can make fire. Closing a lid back on will turn off the fire. Made of environmentally friendly 100% recycled wax.
Eucalyptus version with insect repellent effect is also available.


“Summer Arts and Craft Fest for kids” held at Tokyu Hands


In 2018 September, we started selling our “Electric Circuits” series at all retail stores of Tokyu Hands throughout Japan. It was also featured during the “Summer Arts and Craft Fest for kids” held at Tokyu Hands from 2018/7/21 to 2018/8/22.


“Sand Removing Sandals” limited time sale will be performed at Marui City Yokohama! It is the first offline sales since our launch. Come to the store to try them out.


“Sand Removing Sandals” give you a comfort on a beach without any stress from annoying sand. We will host a pop up store in Marui City Yokohama for a limited time from July 5th to 18th! We will install a sand box in the store so you can actually see how sand disappears from the sandals. You can experience the magic of patented sand free design. Our long seller items “Sand Removing Mats” and “Sand Removing Bags” will also be available.