Need a gadget to support your low carb high-fat diet? “Ketoscan mini” is released to be your best partner!


Ketoscan mini is a portable keton breathalyzer to measures the amount of keton in your breath with high sensitive acetone sensor. Just blow into the device for 3 seconds will let you monitor your best ketosis level and body fat burning rate on your smartphone with the free mobile app.


Spring Promotion! Electric Shoe Polisher on Sale Now for Your New Life. Start your new life with a perfectly polished pair of shoes by our super-easy electric shoe polisher!


Even busy morning, you can go with your perfectly shined shoes by just placing your shoes under our electric shoe polisher and push the start button. You can even switch on the machine in a standing position, so it's hassle-free!


Dash robot can be programmed by Apple Swift code! Play your Dash robot with free-downloadable Swift Playgrounds app to move them in the challenging playground.


Dash robot is the most fun way to learn coding skills, which can give kids, even from the age of five with their child-friendly apps, wonderful lessons to learn how to program robots. In addition to the apps like Wonder and Blockly, kids can also use Apple’s Swift Playgrounds and get used to the more advanced text-based coding skills by moving their robot in the playground with Apple’s Swift code which is a powerful programming language used for creating real iOS or Mac apps.


Keep track with your keton level with just a blow. Our crowdfunding campaign of “Ketoscan mini” has been launched.


Ketoscan mini is a lightweight portable analyzer which measures the ketone level and monitors body fat burning rate in your exhaled breath.
Just blow into the device for 3 seconds and you can determine your body fat burning rate as well as your optimal ketosis states. Free mobile app is also available to record and monitor your acetone levels and weight, leave comments, track calories, and take photos of what you ate.


Explore deep inside the micro-world. Crowdfunding campaign of “iMicro scope Pro” has been launched.


The upgrade version of our world’s smallest microscope for smartphone iMicro scope is now available on Makuake crowdfunding
New upgraded lense zooms up to 800x magnification. It can save and share images and videos with high magnification and high resolution.


Get full range of motion pull up workouts at home. “Handy Muscle Builder PRO” is released.


Our long seller item “Handy Muscle Builder” has returned with new improvements:
Position of grips is 20cm higher compared to the original version, making it easier to start pull-ups with no need of bending your knees.
It also targets more muscles with three grip positions. Newly added wide grip helps to build up upper latissimus muscle effectively.


Enjoy the outdoors without pesky bugs. “Umbrella Table Screen REIWA version” is released.


Our popular item of all time, “Umbrella Table Screen” came back with stronger tubing at the bottom to celebrate the new era of Japan called REIWA.
This extra fine durable mesh netting fits any size of patio umbrella helping you relax and enjoy your time outside without mosquitoes, flies and other pests.
It has zipper openings for easy entry. Easy assembly and removal.


Perfect sand free shoes to vent sand, air and water. We are taking pre orders for “Sand free Shoes” SS2019 styles.


We proudly introduce our 2019 collection of Sand free shoes.
The soles with holes shoes get rid of sand and water, while allowing your feet to breath and stay sweat-free. Perfect for any outing, you can stay 100% sand free and stress free all day long.


Stay active and productive at your desk. We launched a crowdfunding campaign of “Core Training Stool”.


Core Training Stool is the perfect balance chair for active sitting.
This ergonomic stool creates a healthier sitting environment by moving with you throughout the day. Its curved base naturally allows rocking motion and encourages proper posture while strengthening core muscles.
Continuous movements when sitting down relaxes the whole body, stimulates the blood circulation and prevent back pain.


Learning the basics of coding is only a snap away! “Electric Circuits Programming” is now released.


Electric Circuits Programming is a must have for kids living in this era of computer.
It’s an introduction to the open-source Arduino hardware-software coding environment.
Includes 20 projects that introduce you to Arduino coding with sketches written for operating the 14 included parts. You can also find sketches written for this item with other Electric Circuits sets to keep your fun going.