A lightweight, extremely durable solar powered charger "Mobile Solar Power Plant" released.


1.2 billion people around the world have no access to electricity. Hundreds of millions more face regular blackouts. "Mobile Solar Power Plant" is a high-tech low-cost solar powered lamp which can be a true lifesaver for those without electricity. It will fully replenish the batteries on your phone, while still providing hours of bright and safe light.


A sleep machine with state-of-the-art acoustic technology "Sound Sleep Therapy Machine" released.


Designed with help from customers and sleep disorder consultants, "Sound Sleep Therapy Machine"
was skillfully engineered with unique features to help you relax and fall asleep much more quickly with the 10 naturally recorded soothing high definition sound stories. Let's replenish your mind and body with the highest quality travel-friendly sleep therapy machine on the market today!


Everywhere in a daily life, "Grip Energy" is with you!


"Grip Energy" is a portable charger which also works as a hand-gripper.
Simply hold the device and make grasping motions with the hand for several minutes. The generated power is converted into electricity and charges your smartphones. You will never have to worry about running out of phone batteries while you are away from home.


Completely new way of organizing in your car trunk "Trunk Baggage Keeper" released.


Do you hate the sound of things in your car rolling around and getting damaged while you are driving? "Trunk Baggage Keeper" works great by gripping the carpet and acting as a barrier to stop things from sliding around in your car boot or trunk.
It’s really easy to use, simply place it gently beside what you want and press it down onto the carpet. You can always reposition it or stick it to the roof of the trunk for storage.


Light and foldable, mobile stainless pan "Foldable Stainless Pot" released.


It’s time to say good bye to bulky pots and pans for outdoor cooking! This patented 100% stainless steel "Foldable Stainless Pot" is as thin as a sketchbook and weighs only 125g. Simply fold slowly along the grooves to form a pot. It can be used repeatedly about 20times.


Prevents your child from being short sighted "Good Vision Sensor" released.


"Good Vision Sensor" is an adjustable head band with a high-tech sensor. It will tell by voice or vibration when the posture or the environment is bad for the eye sight. It’s a charging type appliance, so you can use it anywhere.


LED light that is really gentle to the eyes "Natural Light LED Desk Lamp" released.


Our "Healing Lamp Institute" has been helping more than 15,000 Japanese children suffering from shortsightedness improve their eyesight. We performed a comparison verification among more than 100 different kinds of desk lights made in Japan and overseas. As a result, we came to a conclusion that "Natural light LED Desk Lamp" which was developed by NASA is by far the best in many aspects such as quality of light, luminance, color temperature and so on.


Transform your iPhone/iPad to a full-scale microscope "iMicroscope" released.


It attaches to your mobile device to provide maximum accuracy. Include with this kit is the lens assembly, which features a 20-80zoom range, and adjustable lens collar, twelve built-in LEDs, and rechargeable power supply that provides up to five hours of continuous operation at maximum illumination. This summer, there will be a lot of little scientists working on their projects with it.


“Sand Removing Mat” is a special leisure mat that makes you “sand stress free” on the beach. With its patented special two-layer weave structure adopted by the US military.


"Sand removing Mat" the life saver on the beach introduces the new product range.
Reflecting on the voice of customers about the mat being heavy, we have made it 35% lighter.
It's easy to carry around, so you can take it anywhere other than beach.
Now we have larger size with D-rings which
is ideal for camping, picnics or any outdoor events. This is what outdoor lovers
have been waiting for! "Sand removing Mat Multi" released.