STEM Toy Institute

All children are full of intellectual curiosity.

STEM Toy Institute Have you ever wondered what kind of toys you give to your beloved children?
From classic building blocks to the latest issue of video games, there is a huge selection of fun toys to attract children.
Are all the toys equally beneficial to them? The answer is "No".
As parents and educators grow more sensitive to the real or perceived development needs of children, toy manufacturers seek to manufacture many toys designed with education in mind to boost children's intellectual development.
It's our mission to help parents and educators select the best educational toys which enhance intellectual creativity and logical thinking power.
We guarantee that your children will learn and have fun while they play!

Life&Tech Institute

Add more color to your life by integrating Information Technology into your activities

IT-Hobby Planning & Research In order to help people enjoy their lives more and enable them to live in more comfort, giving them extra entertainments, various new innovative products using information technology have been developed and put into practical use.
It is so exciting to see something, once considered just as a dream, appear right in front of our eyes as something real, by creative inspirations of someone from somewhere in the world.
Although the world seems to be filled with stuff and everything we need seems to be at hand, the very thing that might embody the ideas that would stir our sensitivity and add color to our lives seems to be yet to come.
Getting ideas from all over the world to Japan and sending Japanese ideas to the world.
We seek encounters among various types of sensitivities obtained through fusion of information technology and activity beyond cultural differences and frameworks.

Balanced Body Institute

What is Balanced Body Institute?

Balance body We are committed to providing beneficial products, services, knowledge and information for our customers, so that they would fully enjoy true health.

There are many types of sports and exercises, for example, the body parts of a tennis player should tone up and those that of a pro boxer should are quite different, and the same goes for their training methods. Also, different instruments or methods are used for different purposes such as the rehabilitation exercises and muscle-strengthening exercises. It is, therefore, quite important for you to have the correct information and to perform training exercises that suit your needs.
Well Balanced Body can be thus acquired.
It can also be said that if the physical health is one wheel of a bicycle, the mental health, or keeping your mind in good balance, would be the other indispensable wheel. It is not until the both wheels, the mental health and the physical health, work in harmony, that we can smoothly pedal the bicycle of life.

In order to assist our customers in achieving the good balance between the "healthy body" and the "healthy mind," we will keep seeking good products and services among the ones available all over the world, day to day, and will provide only carefully-selected excellent ones to our customers. And we will never cut corners when it comes to providing our customers with good knowledge and most up-to-date information so that all our customers may arrive at their destinations, keeping good control of their bicycles of life.

How wonderful it will be if our customers who have made use of such information, knowledge, products or services we provided become able to smoothly ride their "bicycles," with both wheels beautifully balanced, and fully enjoy their true health! Those are our thoughts and wishes.
If you cannot keep the balance, you will never be able to ride your bicycle well.

Only when you achieve a good balance between the two wheels, you will acquire truly good health. Then, you can fully enjoy the beautiful stretch of scenery in front of you, and adequately enjoy your life.

Healing Lamp Institute

Offering the best items from all over the world for your precious eyes

Healing Lamp Institute We have strongly felt that the needs for desk lights that are good and gentle for eyes are very high, while working on the vision restoration training at Eye Exercises Institute.

So, we started and have continued our intensive research on many types of desk lights from all over the world that are supposed to be "good for eyes," examining what is good about them and what their differentiations are, through very thorough comparative verification.

Through various methods, including wavelength analysis of all kinds of lights, working together with lighting experts,

we found out that the quality of the light itself is the most important part of desk lights, followed by brilliance control and prevention of flickering.
The "sun spectrum lamp," which we found in the process of our research on the lights, held a very good quality with natural, stress-free properties. We took on this quality for our new products of desk lights and distributed them as "gent-light series" in our domestic market, having received a great response from consumers.

Later, in the situation that the use of LED lighting has been promoted in the effort of energy savings, we progressed our research and verification on LED lights, not the conventional low quality LED lights but ones with good light quality, and started to deal with natural-light LED desk lights, which also drew a deep reaction from the market.

We will be committed to pursue development of eye-friendly lights, seeking for methods to realize even more natural and better quality of lights.

At the same time, we will constantly transmit information and easy-to-understand standards to consumers, which is another one of our essential missions.

Eye Exercises Institute

Your eyes must be able to see better.

Eye Exercises Institute Wouldn't it be nice if a child can at least spend his/her days without glasses, even though he/she is a myopia? This was the first concept we held at the beginning.
We see computer displays all around us in our modern society. This is a rather unnatural environment in view of the structure of human eyes.
Human eyes, originally built to see things far away well, have been forced to adopt themselves to the environ ment of the modern society. As a result, myopia prevalence is increasing in an amazing rate.
Myopia is known to progress rapidly particularly in growing children aged 7 to 20. We, therefore, are developing and providing special methods which will help everyone maintain healthy eyesight easily without consuming much time. This is one of our activities to realize our concept to halt the progression of myopia that occur in growing children, to restore or to recover their vision to the level that they can spend their lives without using glasses or contact lenses and to maintain that level.
We are also transmitting information in various levels such as the methods of improving daily life and conducting the necessary enlightenment activities.