Balance body


AB and Foot Wheel


A revolutionary roller to train your abdominal muscles. You can use it with your feet or your
hands, for total body shape up.


*”AB and Foot Wheel” just released .
We start to sell advanced sit-up roller which can perform whole body workout training .
"AB and Foot Wheel" is a sit-up roller which can be used for the workout of the whole body and let your body- shape become better and better.
The old type of sit-up roller was a tool only can be used
for upper-half-of-the-body training, such as the upper arm, a breast, a sit-up, the back, etc. which grab a handle by hand and perform it.

The new "AB and Foot Wheel" of our brand not only for upper-half-of-the-body training but
also can do training to which a leg is applied.
Lower halves of the bodies, such as a thigh, can also be trained effectively.
Since the new "Rolling Macho" has 2 wheels, so maintaining exquisite balance is possible when you training by it. With the new "Rolling Macho",we also recommended you to do the exercise which added the twist.
In the grip and pedal portion which it is soft and easy to grasp, and it is with a strap.
When you Training with the new "Rolling Macho", you will understand that a lot of methods of training can be used in many kinds of postures.